About moi.

Top 5 about little ole me:

1. Born in Cape Cod, living in NJ with a summer home in on Seneca Lake in upstate NY, have lived from here to Alaska and everywhere in-between, but home will always be in Glenora-on-Seneca. My family has lived there for generations and no matter where I move, The Lake will always be my home. Family is THE most important thing in the world to me and Glenora is what taught me that.

2. Surround myself with water whenever possible. It’s magical. It’s quiet. It’s always amazing. Tubing like I’m 12 years old will never go out of style.

3. Have an incredible husband who knows me better than I know myself and loves me unabashedly with everything he has. Feel beyond lucky everyday to have such support, to be pushed, and to be able to love him with all I have right back. Yes, I’m a damn hopeless romantic.

4a. Have three beautiful, creative, and fierce-loving step-children. Everyday I think I couldn’t possibly love them more, and then I do. Of course.

4b. Haley. Haley was my 17-year-old Himalayan. She’s a ball of white fluff that sounds like a possessed baby. I miss her tremendously, she was with me half of my life.

5. Wishing my eyes could be a camera, I never leave home without one strapped across my heart.

*Photobombing your world from the other side of the camera, one memory at a time.*

~Jules De