Raddest Blog Circle: June Edition [scroll down for the next photog!]


Google: courageous and determined.

Urban: used to describe somebody who has attitude, who has a presence.

Dictionary: informal courage or spirit. 

Hmm, weird: touchwood or tinder, esp originally made from various spongy types of fungus.

and another interesting definition that may or may not be appropriate.

The images here contain 3 people I shot within the last month that are described as one or all of the above definitions. My nephew. My step-daughter. My cousin-in-law. Badabing. Badabang. Badaboom.

My initial intention was to post a Punky Brewster themed shoot with my youngest step-daughter, but alas, my mind changes faster than my fingers move sometimes, so here’s my eclectic post with my eclectic family.

Family is the best thing on earth. They all inspire me. Every. Single. Day.




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Felicia McTernan Photography !

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  1. beckie

    Love these Jules! I see so much personality in every one!

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